I’m not entirely sure what I think of Google+ so far, but I thought I’d give it a go. It’s been kind of interesting – I’ve found some spinners and knitters and weavers, and I’m slowly adding to my circles. The fibre people tend to be a little more on the geeky side, like many of the early-adopting Google+ers in general. If you’re on there yourself, there’s now a link to my profile in the sidebar (or you can just click here).

When it first came out, I pooh-pooh’d it and said I couldn’t be bothered to get on another time-sucking social network. Then I started messing around with it, and discovered some really fascinating knitters on there that I’d never have found any other way. I also said I’d poke out my eyes with a dpn before I ever knit a dishcloth, but I then tried one and realized I was being silly – knitted dishcloths are the best thing ever.

However, I am standing my ground on that ridiculous hexipuff thing.

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