Twist and Shout

Have you seen the new Winter issue of Twist Collective yet? It does not disappoint – colourwork, twisted stitches and cables, oh my! Go look right now, I’ll wait here.

I have a soft spot for Twist; I like their philosophy. It’s less like a magazine and more like a showcase – designers retain the rights for their patterns after they’re published on Twist, and are free to sell them on their own websites or do whatever they want with them. Magazines and books, of course, keep the pattern rights themselves – designers get huge exposure, but lose the opportunity to profit directly further down the road by taking back an out-of-print pattern and re-publishing it themselves. I like knitting magazines – there’s a shamefully high stack of them in my workroom – but it’s always made me a little uncomfortable that the designers have to give up the rights to their pattern in perpetuity in order to get it published; it seems like an unfair deal for the designer, and it certainly doesn’t pay well. Twist Collective’s business model aims to change that, and gives designers a chance to put more money in their own pockets. This can only lead to more good things being designed.

I’d like to say I vote with my wallet and buy Twist patterns for philosophical reasons, in order to encourage business models that support designers. But I’d be lying – I buy the patterns because they’re beautiful, and well-written, and wearable by normal human beings. I’ve been wanting to make another pullover, and I don’t need another cabled one – cable sweaters are my default, when I can’t think of anything else to make. Still, I was on the verge of casting one on anyway – luckily, Fiona Ellis came along just in time to save me with Athabasca:

I’m loving the buttony goodness of this sweater. Have I ever told you how much I love buttons? oh yes, I do. I have jars and jars of buttons – biscuit tins of buttons, chocolate boxes of buttons. I buy them at yard sales and flea markets, in box lots at auctions. I’m mad for buttons. Here’s my chance to sew some onto something!

Of course I won’t be using the yarn that’s called for. I’ve no idea what I’m going to use. Maybe… maybe I’ll spin some…? In soft natural greys and browns maybe?

Time to toss the stash and see what falls out!


4 thoughts on “Twist and Shout

    • Fiona, I solemnly promise not to mess around with it as much I did with the Gwendolyn last year. Well, except for changing the colours. Your colours are great, I love your colours… it’s me, I’m just a boring natural-sheep kind of spinner. And too lazy to dye.

      I’ve already spun some small samples – this is going to be fun!

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