About Me

ACME Fibres is a small web-only retailer based in Fort Erie, Ontario… and this is The Blog for it. ┬áThis is where I play with the things I sell and things I find, and tell you how it all works out.

My aim is to provide the best yarns, fibres and tools available… focusing, whenever I can, on products with a Canadian flavour. I am always actively seeking out Canadian makers and suppliers.

If there’s a product I don’t carry, and you’re interested in getting it – let me know! If you’re a Canadian maker yourself, and you’d like see your products offered at ACME, feel free to contact me.

At the moment, ACME is pretty much a one-woman operation, with a lot of support from my family.

If you’re on Ravelry, you can find me there as potteryfreak.

If you’re on Twitter, you can find me there as @acmefibres.

If you’re on Google+, you can find me there too.