Saturday June 24, 2017

We Accept Canadian Tire Money

Yes, we really do.  So go dig through the glove box, the MacGyver drawer in the kitchen, the kids' toyboxes and everywhere else that Canadian Tire Money gets to... now it's good for yarn and fibre, too!

You can use Canadian Tire Money in full or partial payment for anything offered by ACME Fibres.  We accept it at full face value.  So stop spending it on frivolous things like gas and lawn chairs - get yourself some of the good stuff instead.


How do I use Canadian Tire Money to buy stuff here?
  • When you get to the payment options page, indicate that you'll be paying by check or money order.  Put your Canadian Tire Money in a sturdy envelope and send it to us.  If it's a large amount, you'll want to insure and track your packet.  When we receive it, we'll send out your order.

I'm not from around here... what's Canadian Tire Money?

  • Canadian Tire is a nationwide hardware/automotive store chain that hands out money-like coupons when you make purchases there.  They've been doing it for about 50 years now, so there's a lot of Canadian Tire Money out there.