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Frequency Discounts

Beginning August 1st 2017, ACME Fibres began rewarding buyers with a special customer discount based on the total amount you have spent in the last 12 calendar months. This discount is calculated automatically, and will appear as a line marked “Frequency Discount” during the checkout process.

If you have spent:

  • $1,000 or more, get 5% off
  • $2,000 or more, get 7.5% off
  • $3,000 or more, get 10% off
  • $4,000 or more, get 12.5% off
  • $5,000 or more, get 15% off

Your Frequency Discount applies to ALL ITEMS in the shop. The discount stacks with Quantity Discounts for undyed yarns and fibres, and also applies to sale items.

Thank you for choosing ACME Fibres!