ACME Acid Dyes

Your favourite acid dyes, imported in bulk and packaged in the ACME Fibres workshop. Buying in bulk simplifies the import process, lowers our freight costs, and reduces our carbon footprint. It also allows us to offer these dyes in a larger range of sizes so you can order exactly what your need, when you need it. These dyes are purchased from Rupert Gibbon & Spider, who also sell them directly at retail under their Jacquard brand name.

Suitable for protein-based fibres from animals – wool, alpaca, mohair and yak. Also good for nylon and silk.

(See the ‘About Acid Dyes‘ section of this site for some very basic dyeing instructions, and technical specifications for dyes we carry.)

Samples shown are dyed at 0.5%, 1% and 2% concentrations.

Available in 450g, 225g, 100g, and 25g jars; 5g Mini-packs and bundles of five 5g Mini-packs are packaged in small zipper-lock bags.
(Save on shipping – 5g Mini-Packs are flat, and can be shipped via Lettermail.)

***Please be aware that the formulas for some blended colours may have changed due to supply chain issues – test new dye lots before committing to production.***

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Showing 1–24 of 48 results