ACME SuperSet Acid Dyes

Professional-level Dyes for Everyone
Our house brand of acid dyes, SuperSet comes in 18 bold, brilliant, Euro-style colours. These pure, single-colour dyes are well-balanced in intensity to make creating your own colours a breeze.

A concentrated blend of metal complex, acid and reactive dyes, SuperSet dyes offer superior permanence and washfastness even in hot water – these colours don’t bleed, and usually require only a single wash & rinse after dyeing. They are an excellent alternative to Lanaset dyes and come in a similar range of shades and strength.

(See the ‘About Acid Dyes‘ section of this site for some very basic dyeing instructions, and technical specifications for dyes we carry.)

Samples shown are dyed at 0.5%, 1% and 2% concentrations

Available in 450g, 225g, 100g, and 25g jars; 5g Mini-packs and bundles of five 5g Mini-packs are packaged in small zipper-lock bags.
(Save on shipping – 5g Mini-Packs are flat, and can be shipped via Lettermail.)

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Showing 1–20 of 21 results