ChiaoGoo Twist Mini Interchangeable Sets



The smallest interchangeables on the market! Needle tips are made of solid stainless steel with two tightening holes for secure connections or running lifelines. Each set contains 5 pairs of interchangeable tips, 4 cables, and a Mini Tools kit – all packaged in a handy nylon pouch with pockets.

Available needle sizes: Twist Mini 5” (12.5cm) or Twist Mini 4″ (10cm)

Tip sizes:
1.50mm – US000
1.75mm — US00
2.00mm – US0
2.25mm – US1
2.50mm – US1.5

2 x 8” (20cm) Twist Red Mini Cable
1 x 14” (35cm) Twist Red Mini Cable
1 x 22” (55cm) Twist Red Mini Cable

Also included:
2 Mini End Stoppers
2 Mini Cable Connectors
2 Tightening Keys
1 Heart-shaped Rubber Gripper
6 Stitch Markers
1 Needle Gauge
Plastic tools kit to hold all the above items

Black mesh zippered pouch with 2 pockets, and a tip sleeve labelled with tip sizes

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Interchangeable Set Type

4" (10cm) Small Sizes (2.75mm to 5.00mm), 5" (13cm) Small Sizes (2.75mm to 5.00mm), 4" (10cm) Large Sizes (5.50mm to 10.00mm), 5" (13cm) Large Sizes (5.50mm to 10.00mm), 4" (10cm) Complete (2.75mm to 10.00mm), 5" (13cm) Complete (2.75mm to 10.00mm), 5" (13cm) SHARP Sock – With Case, 5" (13cm) SHARP Sock – No Case, 5" (13cm) Mini Sizes (1.50mm to 2.50mm), 4" (10cm) Mini Sizes (1.50mm to 2.50mm)




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