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HiyaHiya SHARP Interchangeable Sets $139.30

Made of high quality stainless steel, HiyaHiya Sharp Interchangeable Needles feature screw-on connections with flexible cables, near-perfect joins, and a smooth finish with sharp tips that are great for increasing, decreasing and intricate stitch patterns. They are lightweight and will warm quickly to the hand.

The Small size sets contain the following tips:

2.75mm – US2
3.25mm – US3
3.50mm – US4
3.75mm – US5
4.00mm – US6
4.50mm – US7
5.00mm – US8

The Large size sets contain the following tips:

5.50mm – US9
6.00mm – US10
6.50mm – US10.5
8.00mm – US11
9.00mm – US13
10.00mm – US15

Each set also contains cables in the following sizes, in either Small or Large to fit the tips in the set:

1 x 16”/18″ Cable
1 x 24”/26″ Cable
1 x 32”/34″ Cable
1 x 40”/42″ Cable

Sets are packaged in a HiyaHiya Interchangeable Case – assorted colours & patterns, as available

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Weight N/A
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Interchangeable Set Type

4" (10cm) Small Sizes (2.75mm to 5.00mm), 5" (13cm) Small Sizes (2.75mm to 5.00mm), 4" (10cm) Large Sizes (5.50mm to 10.00mm), 5" (13cm) Large Sizes (5.50mm to 10.00mm)


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