Knit Picks Interchangeable Tips – 5 inch(13cm)
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Knit Picks Interchangeable Tips – 5 inch(13cm)



Now in stock: a wide selection of Knit Picks tips for separate purchase, to try out or expand your set. Currently available in 5 inch/13cm sizes only.


Nickel Plated tips feature a nickel-plated glass-like surface allows your stitches to move freely while the hollow brass tube is extremely lightweight for hours of comfortable knitting. The sharp, gradually tapered knitting needle points make working stitches a breeze, slipping easily between stitches so even complicated cables move along quickly.


Rainbow Wood tips have waves of color are what first catch your eye. But the beauty is more than skin deep- the layers of laminated birch give the needles a strength that is missing in regular wooden needles. The stability allowed us to shape sharp points- particularly nice for lace knitting. It also made small sizes more durable and resistant to breakage. Being wood, the burnished surface has a slight grip so slick yarns like mohair and angora don’t slip off at the wrong time.


Foursquare Wood tips take the same Knit Picks needles that you know and love and squares them. Smooth, flat sides that fit perfectly against your fingers and gently rounded corners offer a comfortable, secure grip, helping keep your hands limber and your stitches even for hours of comfortable knitting.


Knit Picks

We are clearing out all our Knit Picks stock – get some great needles at a great price! 

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Additional information

Weight .01 kg
Dimensions 15 × 6 × 1 cm
Tip Type

Foursquare Majestic Wood, Nickel Plated, Rainbow Wood

Tip Length

5 inches/13cm

Needle Size

3.50mm/US4, 3.75mm/US5, 4.00mm/US6, 4.50mm/US7, 5.00mm/US8, 5.50mm/US9, 6.00mm/US10, 6.50mm/US10.5, 7.00mm/US10.75, 7.50mm/US10.875, 8.00mm/US11, 9.00mm/US13, 10.00mm/US15, 12.00mm/US17


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