COVID-19 Store Changes & Information

Yes, we are still working! but we are now shipping on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays only – this is to reduce the amount of time we have to spend out in the community, and to lower the exposure for our postal workers. Please add a couple days on to the estimated shipping time of your order.

Because we are an online-only mail-order business that’s not open to the public, we are still able to continue operating under the current rules regarding businesses in Ontario. This may change, and if the department of Public Health decides the rules should be different, we will obey them wholeheartedly.

We will keep shipping to you for as long as Canada Post allows us to, and for as long as our suppliers are able to keep shipping to us. Our office and warehousing areas are now out of bounds to everyone except me, and I will the only one handling paperwork and shipping. I have restricted my own movements to three places: my home and business areas, my vehicle, and the post office – this is for the protection of my customers, my family, and my community at large.

Thank you for your patronage over the last decade and more, and for all that your support has made possible for me and my family. I am hoping for the best for all of you, for your families and loved ones, and your communities. We will get through this, with kindess and grace and hope.

All the best,


Owner, ACME Fibres

Scheduled Sales & Closures in 2020

Scheduled Sales

ACME fibres has two big site-wide sales every year, around Canada Day and at the end of the year. In 2020, these sale dates will be:

  • July 1st to July 5th
  • Dec 25th to Jan 3rd

Other sales & specials on particular items occur randomly to due to overstocking, to pass on savings offered by a supplier, or just on a whim.

Office Closures – Shipping Shutdown

In 2020, there will be two separate week-long shipping hiatuses to allow for some holiday time – the online shop will be open and you’ll be able to place orders, but your orders won’t be shipped until the office re-opens. In addition to the shipping shutdown, we may also be out of contact for customer service. In 2020, these dates will be:

  • May 18th – 22nd (the short week following the Victoria Day holiday weekend)
  • Aug 3rd – Aug 7th (the short week following the Civic Holiday weekend)